The Next Generation.... .

Curious as to what the future holds at WildRose German Shorthair's?  This page is designed to give you a brief glimpse into our future.  Our goal has not changed but with each new generation we strive to get closer to achieving the goal of producing the ultimate German Shorthaired Pointer.

   "Sissy Dixieland's Double Trouble               "Cracker" WildRose Rusty's Dark Side

These are not dogs we've sought out from other kennels to buy, these dogs are all the product of WildRose breeding.  In some cases you will see as many as three to five generations on one or both sides all being "WildRose Dogs".  These dogs represent the culmination of years and generations of careful selection, planning, training, evaluation and finally breeding.

The wonderful calm and loving nature has not and will not change.  First and foremost our dogs are our life and our family.  If they aren't good companions and hunting dogs above all else, none of the rest matters.

The ability to find birds wherever and however you choose to hunt, test, or trial and to recover downed game; and to do so with speed, style, class and pure natural "bird sense" will continue to build in our successive generations.

Style, stride, gait, ease of going and the overall ability to hunt, long and hard, day after day season after season are things we will continue to improve with each new generation.  Below are some of the dogs we think can and will fulfill that "WildRose Ideal" and continue building upon the same solid foundation that gave us our start.

"Flash" WildRose Dixieland's Rising            "Duke" Rocky Hill Duke Wood    

"Annie" WildRose Annie's Off'n Gone          "Abbey" WildRose Abigail Road

"Spur"                                                 "Rose"