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Females posted along with Links to their Pedigrees.

WildRose Abigail Road "Abbie"

Abbie is the "stuff dreams are made of".  As a young pup she was always a complete ball of fire with a burning desire to see what's "over there".  Early on she developed an insatiable desire to find birds and began pointing naturally very early.  To be honest her first couple of years I wasn't sure what to do with her as she deserved better than to be "just another hunting dog".  After my first season of trialing I knew I'd found her niche and turned her training towards finding out just how much she could offer as "a trial dog".  Well, that was anything but a wasted effort to be sure!  In her first trial after I finished her training she placed!  Depending on the grounds, cover, terrain she can run as an open country All Age dog, or tighten it up to be a very snappy, hard charging shooting dog or gun dog.  She doesn't care how or where she runs, she just loves the work and loves to make me happy.  

As a hunting dog she's a foot hunters dream as well.  She has an EXCELLENT long range nose for locating live birds in any terrain or condition from wild Texas quail to Sharptails and Huns on the prairies of the Dakotas.  She's an excellent soft mouthed natural retriever as well and loves the water.  

I don't know how far we'll go with her in the trial world but she's absolutely my idea of something to make a breeder proud and I just look for more and more from her in the future.


Since the day she first hit the ground Trouble has been a one of a kind.  From six months on, she and her littermate Heidi both wowed galleries at trials from Texas to Washington state.  She like her sister Heidi demonstrated more "bird sense" and Savvy in their first hunting seasons than many an adult dog ever will.  Trouble has the innate ability to find birds other dogs run by, and to point them with great style and explosive intensity from great distances.  On the prairies, on spooky Sage Grouse, and Sharptails, she came into her own and has excelled everywhere and on every species she's hunted or trialed on.

In her first two seasons here she proved quickly and easily to be one of the best and toughest Texas Wild Quail dogs I 've ever had the pleasure to hunt behind.

She is also proving that she can carry on the great tradition of our finest females in passing along her best traits to her offspring as well. 

Trouble will continue leading the way into the future for WildRose for a long time to come.



Dixieland's Tipan Oakie Girl

Tipper is simply the finest all around female we've had in the field in thirty plus years.  She has an easy gait that eats up the miles, and sure feet that never seem to injure or tire.  I've never owned a female with more natural ability or the brains and bird sense to put it all together.   She has a great natural retrieve and insatiable desire not only to find and hold birds in the most difficult of circumstances, but also to please be it in the field or on the couch.  Tipper has added new dimensions to our kennel, and set the bar very high for all future females to follow.  If she has a downside at all it's a competitive streak a mile wide and not knowing when she should quit.  Her strongest point is in producing puppies that carry on all of her positive attributes and even more style and class.


Dixieland's Dreamer

Sue, has simply been an amazing dog for us since her arrival over two years ago.  She is a very quiet and loveable pet, combined with an absolute machine in the field.  In her second season she became a very confident hard running open country covey finder, but still a great close working heavy cover and singles dog with a very good natural retrieve to round out her whole package.  I expect many great years from her in the field and many great young pups as well.  

Sue has added a whole new kind of class to our lines as well as some of the finest blood the GSP field trial world has ever seen.  Her sire FC/NFC NRC's Magnum's Touch of Gold was an amazing dog in his own right as he rose to the very top of the field trial world before the age of six.  Sue impressed me so much I bought her mother, bred her back to Magnum, and kept both a male and female out of the mating to add to the kennel.  These littermates "Hank and Suzie" proved me right in going to such lengths to have them by winning and placing consistently in both puppy and derby stakes.  Hank is going to be a true All Age dog, and Suzie a very nice big Gun Dog and Shooting dog as they both enter their first year's in "broke dog stakes".  

Our first mating of Sue will be with Dan our Son of FC/National Chukar Champion HMK's Dandi Runaway Rusty, son of FC Dixieland's Rusty HOF.  

WildRose Dixieland's Nash "Nash"

Nash in her first full season very quickly earned her way to the "A team" hunting string.  Her strengths are her versatility specifically her excellent nose for tracking and dead searches, as well as blood tracking on large game.  She is a wonderful natural retriever and hits the water with gusto wet or dry.  Her first litter produced eight absolutely outstanding young dogs five of which I have had back for training and all have been naturals and a pure pleasure to work with.  All of her wonderful traits have been passed on to these pups and she's proving to be as valuable at producing great pups as she is a wonderful companion at home and "brag dog" in the field.

WildRose Li'l Leipchen

Dora was something special from the very start.  She was the boldest and most aggressive pup in the litter from the day one.  Her call name "Dora" came from the cartoon "Dora the Explorer", as she was always going off to do her own thing while the rest of the litter did theirs... HA!

While being a very bold and hard charging dog a field was so natural in all her abilities she was a pleasure to train.  Dora seems to have the mentality that while she may get outrun, she won't be outhunted, and works hard to prove it every time she's on the ground!

Dora has inherited her fathers style and great long range nose, as well as her mothers versatility and the great natural, soft mouthed retrieve of both parents.  On top of all that she's always been a very sweet and loving dog around the house/kennel.

Dora is the first dog I've run in field trials as both a derby and in "broke dog stakes".  In her last four consecutive trials this spring she earned placements in both limited and open Gun Dog Stakes.  She's as fine a wild bird dog as I've ever hunted on the prairies in the Dakotas and Montana, and here at home as well as showing she's got the stuff to compete with the best of AKC Gun Dogs dogs in Six States!