Summer has arrived and

That mean's it's

"Puppy Time" at WildRose


Born May 22

Trouble X Crash

4 beautiful boys available.

This mating puts two of our most outstanding young dogs together.  Both have numerous placements in the trial game but more importantly both have proven to be great producers for us both as bird dogs in the field and in the offspring they have given us in their first couple of matings.  They represent the prototypes of the "Next Generation" of dogs we intend to carry our name forward in the future. 

Both are outstanding bird finders, great dead bird finders, soft mouthed natural retrievers and are a true pleasure to hunt behind for all of the species we pursue.  If you want to see what the future is at WildRose German Shorthairs, this is it!

This mating is also one of our carefully selected and planned line breedings on our foundation sire Bullett (FC Rincon Slick Runner) from which I plan to produce my next great stud dog of the future.

Both parents are lovable pets, polite house dogs and are great with kids, horses, strangers, strange dogs, and new adventures and they represent the epitome of everything we have hoped for in our current generation of rising stars.


What do you get when you mix the best of the old with the best of the new?

Our Future!!!

Due June 10th

Diva X Crash

If you think you're beginning to see a pattern here it's because you are.  Crash is everything I could hope for in a young dog, and his early matings have proven to be exactly what we're looking for.  Diva of course has proven again and again over the last 5 years that she can consistently throw great pups like the one pictured above, both in looks, style, temperament, competitive drive, and natural ability all in one package.  For the traditionalist who loves the Darker Liver/Ticked or Roan pups, but who is looking for all of the great things the modern GSP brings to the table, this is a fantastic mating to look at. Usually about 40% of the litter will have similar markings to the pup above and all will inherit the greatness of Diva, Bullett, Crash, Ruger, and Tipper.  Don't' expect lazy couch potatoes that are just loveable and look good from this mating, look for all of that and extreme natural ability, biddable and unstoppable dogs in the field who will give  you their all, all day, and be loving companions all night and through the off season.


Buying a puppy or dog is a long term commitment and should be considered carefully and fully.  Study the breed, ask for references from whomever you buy your GSP.  Know what you are getting yourself into!!!


Pricing and Availability

Puppy prices typically start at 600.00-800.00 depending on the breeding.  They may be higher in the rare case where I seek an outside stud though or if there are complications with the pregnancy that require a C-section delivery.  I don't accept deposits until we have the litter born live and healthy and I know what is going to be available.  We usually have a list of potential owners for each new litter and when I know what's going to be available each will receive an email announcement.  When I receive a reply to that announcement that secures your reservation for five days pending arrival of your deposit.

I do most of the picking for our prospective owners.  I've known these dogs for more years than I can count and in some cases may have bred up to five generations on one or both sides of the pedigrees.  The final decision is yours of course but if you take the pup I feel will most likely fit your needs the best I absolutely guarantee you will be very happy for many years to come.


Bullett X Maggie

Once again Bullett Has blessed us with another of his outstanding litters.  Better yet it is a repeat of our great Bullet X Maggie breeding from last year.

Maggie combines the best of the old with the best of the new being out of the same dam as Heidi and Trouble but sired by our old Shadow.  This combines the toughest and most productive dogs we've ever hunted behind with field trial excellence and wonderful, loving dispositions.

Chappy X Brooke

Chappy is just a wonderful dog and has been since day one.  He was sired by Moose and  his mother Buttons was not only a phenomenal dog in the field and house but the favorite of all of the customers who hunted behind her as part of my guide service.  Chappy was the pick of the litter and I had planned to build the next generations of "WildRose German Shorthairs around him.  One of my customers had other ideas and talked me out of him but with the death of her elderly husband I "inherited" him back.  He's here to stay after serving them well for five years and leading them on hundreds of satisfying hunts.  He's bold and tenacious in the field, a big loveable pet around the house, a great natural retriever, and a pretty darn good watch dog on top of it.

Brooke is another of Bullett's wonderful daughters and her mother Diva has proven to be not only a great dog in the field for us but one of the best producing dams we've ever owned giving us such wonderful dogs and "Stick" and "Maggie" along with our own "Ryvver". 

We expect this litter to produce wonderful companions ready to hunt anything any where as well as dogs that can shine in competition and be wonderful companions around the house.

Crash X Annie


Crash is certainly one of our rising stars more than that he IS the future at WildRose German Shorthairs.  Not only has he proven to be a tough competitor in the trial game, but has proven himself ON GAME now in six states.  He is the "stud dog of the future here at WildRose. 

He inherited his father's toughness, grit, and over the hill drive along with his mother's uncanny ability to pin the most skittish and hard to nail down wild birds, and has inherited the great natural retrieve from both.  Annie of course is the best female from the best litter I have raised to date.  No dog I've ever hunted behind, trialed, or even judged can match Annie's work ethic.  She's a tiny little dynamo that just flat refuses to ever be out run or out hunted and yet is the most mannerly and well behaved dog I've ever owned. 

What we expect from this litter are tough, gritty, determined hunters that will be very natural in all of their abilities, easy to train with great flash, animation, ground speed, and animation.  Long range nose and natural retrieve are a given out of Bullett's line and they should also have that great tracking ability from Ruger's line and the love of water from both lines.


Above are Crash (Left) and his littermate sister Chrystal (right).

(Ruger X Val)

Chrystal will be having her first litter this year as well if and when she cycles again.



Some of our offspring from years gone bye.



How do I go about getting a WildRose GSP, what's the process???

1)Start off by doing your research figuring out exactly what you want in a dog, then call or email us to see if what we have coming will suit your needs.

2)Once we (you and I) decide on which litter I will put you on the list for that upcoming litter or current litter if one is available.  Once we have the litter on the ground and know what's going to be available we email everyone on the list to let them know they've arrived.

3)When we get confirmation from you that you still want one from this litter, we send you our "Puppy Reservation Form".  When you receive it you take your time and fill it out as fully and completely as possible so we can then as soon as the pups are up and around start figuring out which pup is likely to fit whom.  

You then email us back with one copy of the completed form which will hold your reservation for up to ten days.  You then print out a copy of the form and mail it in with your deposit for half of the total purchase price.  Deposits may be forwarded to a future litter, but they are DEPOSITS and non refundable. 

4)As the litters grow and mature and develop we'll carefully try and match pups to what each prospective owner's wants, needs, and desires are based on reading your "Puppy Reservation Form", as well as the emails and phone calls we exchange.

5)While we discourage picking solely on such things as marking patterns we realize that sometimes a given pup has so much eye appeal to a given person that, they decide that's the one they want.  If I feel that is an appropriate pup for you I will tell you so, if I feel it is not I will tell you so and exactly why.  In the end the final decision is yours, but of those that do accept the pup I think will fit them best satisfaction is guaranteed, and we have the references to prove it.

!!! Note: To help us better serve you please include the following in your email!!!

Be SURE and take the time to give us as much information as you can think of about such things as where you live, where and what you hunt, if you plan to hunt test, trial, show etc. your pup in your initial enquiries. Such things as your experience with dogs, your intent to have the dog professionally trained or trained by you and the family are very important in matching the right litter and individual pup to everyone.  We breed many litters with different objectives in mind, and while we like to think that our dogs are versatile and biddable enough for all of them to fit everyone, some will certainly fit better for some than for others.

The more information you can give us the more accurately we can tell you whether a WildRose GSP is going to fit you.

I try and update this page fairly regularly but if the information posted seems dated, then please feel free to email or call and enquire. 

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