For over thirty years we have honed our lines To produce outstanding family gundogs.  The foundation of our line is FC Dixieland's Rusty HOF, the dog that revolutionized the German Shorthaired Pointer.  

We were fortunate enough to find this line back in the late eighties and recognized what Rusty had to offer the breed, and set about making sure that we'd have tightly and carefully line bred Rusty offspring for generations to come.

 Only a handful of breeders can boast to having Rusty Grandson's and Granddaughters still producing today and we have three of them!  Today most of our breeding stock males and females line back to Rusty at least three times, and some eight to ten in just six or seven generations.

In the years since Dixieland's Rusty revolutionized the "modern German Shorthair" we've enjoyed over the last twenty five years I've only seen one dog with the potential to bring about as much positive change to the breed as our own Bullett.  Not only does Bullett pass along his phenomenal long range nose as well as his flat out charming temperament and personality to his offspring he instills in them the "bird sense" and natural ability that produces pups with the potential for greatness.  We are very fortunate to have stumbled onto this wonderful dog as a pup, and have been blessed to no end with not only what he himself has added to my guide string, he is the reason I began trialing and his production as a FT sire is unreal.

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WildRose Smokin' Moose (white Dog in Foreground) Moose was the foundation Sire of our whole kennel, as well as my personal companion and  by far the lead dog of my entire hunting string.  He produced nothing but great pups with terrific noses and a natural retrieve and that are blessed with a calm, quiet, and  loving demeanor. To this day the most outstanding females we have are his daughters and granddaughters.


Field Champion Rincon Slick Runner

Stud Fee is $750.00

Bullett is the Son of NFC/FC Rincon's Slick Willy, Grandson of MRK's Western Pride, and Great Grandson of HOF/FC Dixieland's Rusty and after two seasons was the most outstanding and complete young dog I've ever owned.

At the encouraging of many of my field trialing friends who recognized Bullett as something truly special and a sire with a lot to offer the breed at the age of six I broke him steady to wing, shot, and kill in just five weeks and he earned his first field trial placement less than fifty days after the process began. 

Here's a real short Bio on Bullett:
For his first five years Bullett was my number one “go to bird finder” when the chips were down, while guiding wild bird hunts, no matter what species we were after or state we were in. By the time he was four he'd mastered every species of upland bird from Texas to Washington State. I can't count the coveys and singles he pointed nor the retrieves to hand which were well over four thousand before I ever saw my first field trial.

He was nearly six before I broke him steady to wing and shot (always let him break on the rise) and he finished his FC in under four years with all of his placements coming in adult "major" stakes. He accumulated 12 championship points by winning four of 6 trials over a 10 month period from Feb 14 08-Jan 24 09.

He'll be 9 in May and gets better every time we put him on the ground.  The good Lord blesses a man very rarely as he has me with such great friends, mentors, and such a fine dog.

Bullett also had the honor of being the Number One Gun Dog in the United States in the May Issue of the Shorthair Journal and GSP Chronicle for the string of 5 consecutive wins, along with other placements in 2008-2009.

FC Rockyhill Duke Wood

Stud Fee is $750.00

Duke is truly something very special.  Two years ago his owner asked me if I would take him and see just how much I could do with him because Will was seeing potential in Duke he just wasn't able to bring out properly.  Since I owned two of his littermates which I absolutely adored I said yes without hesitation.  Duke proved the first fall while he was with me he could be a great wild birddog in five different states on 11 different species of upland birds as well as retrieving ducks and geese for me.  His manners in the house and around the kennel have been pure perfection as well.  Agreeing with Will on Dukes so far untapped potential I decided to throw him in with my field trial string as well.  Well, he definitely has made us proud.  In a phenomenal feat he completed earning his Field Championship in just five months earning all of his points toward that title in adult stakes.

He began his career in adult stakes this spring, and in only five trials has three wins of 2, 3, and 4pnts as well as a 2nd in a 29 dog 5 point stake.  All of his placements up until this most recent were also in retrieving points.

Duke is absolutely a phenomenal young dog and an absolute credit to his father "Bullett" and grand testament to our breeding program here at WildRose.

Duke like his father is also now standing stud here at WildRose German Shorthairs and his stud fee is $600.00.


WildRose Dixieland's Legacy

Moose, is the last son, from the last litter of my foundation Sire, WildRose Smokin' Moose.  We tried to call him two or three different things, but he was so much his father's son I kept errantly calling him Moose.  Well it stuck and he's proving after his first three seasons in the field to have inherited all the best attributes of his father and even improved in some.  

His mother Tipper is the best female I or my family has put in the field in over thirty years and we expect that this breeding will prove in the long run to have been one of the best we ever conceived.  

Moose is a ground eating hard runner with insatiable drive and desire, hunting from the truck or horseback, who instantly adapts to the needs of foot hunting as well to be a great close working heavy cover, or dead bird and single finder and is a tremendous natural retriever wet or dry.  

In his first season he very quickly proved that good breeding does in deed make good sense and will always yield great results.. On top of all that he's a big loveable, playful goofball around the house and as usual as I type this he's laying quietly (well snoring a little) next to my desk.

So far he's lived up to his name "WildRose Dixieland's Legacy" not only in proving to be a wonderful family gun dog himself, but he's well on his way to one day becoming a field champion like his great Grampa "Rusty", and the puppies he's thrown in his first litters are truly exceptional.

Moose was the first dog I ever attempted to train steady to wing, shot, and kill in an attempt to have my first field trial dog.  His first placement in an AKC trial came in February at the CNMBC spring horseback trial when he won a 23 dog 4 point major gundog stake.

Moose is getting better every year.  He has now not only proven he can handle 14 different species of wild upland birds birds across 12 different states, be a solid duck dog in the blind or when jump shooting, he's also now defeated over 145 dogs in field trial competition across six states as well including in national competition.  He has wins in both horse back and walking stakes, retrieving and non retrieving stakes, call back and kill on course trials as well.

Yes he still takes up most of the bed whenever he gets the chance!

WildRose Rusty Runaway Dan

Dan, was sired by FC/National Chukar Ch Dandi Runaway Rusty, and goes back four more ways to Rusty in just four generations. Dan brings together one of the tightest line breedings of Dixieland's Rusty's line ever, and looks so much like his grandfather Rusty it brings tears to the eyes of Ron and Esther Hermann who bred, owned, and gave Rusty the opportunity to become the Hall of Fame dog that he became.

  FC Dixieland's Rusty

Dan's strongest point by far is in, inheriting his Grandfathers drive, and his own insatiable natural retrieve, followed by his incredible intensity in the field, and his unwavering desire in tracking.  When it comes to a purely and completely versatile German Shorthair he is the best I have ever owned or seen.  The litters he's produced so far have proven the strength of his genes in producing great young dogs with endless natural ability and desire.

WildRose Smokin White Shadow

Shadow,  yet another of HOF/FC Dixieland's Rusty's fine descendants is the anchor of our whole kennel and hunting operation today.  For those looking for tremendous class, style, true versatility, and just an incredible drive in the field along with the ultimate in calm, quiet loyal personalities let us introduce you to Shadow.  

Shadow has been our most used and reliable sire for the last 10 years.  His pups are now shown, trialed, tested and hunted in over 35 states, and several foreign countries.  He produces very natural, biddable family gun dogs with endless drive, quiet manners and dispositions and a good natural retrieve.

Shadow is no longer with us, like all great dogs he has gone on to his reward.  His legacy lives on though here at WildRose and will for generations more through his offspring.

FC Rainbow's Gone Overboard

Stud Fee $600.00

Perhaps the proudest moment of my short field trialing career occurred on the weekend of Nov 14, 2009. 

Running in the very last brace, of a three day trial and running as a bye dog, Jonah laid down one of the best Gun Dog performances I can remember seeing.  As usual he flowed around the course without need of direction or handling, and had 3 just dead broke finds, one of which (his last actually) was a huge potential wreck with an entire covey running around in front of, all around, and underneath him.  I could not have been happier with his performance.  He apparently also showed the judges just what they needed to see to end their long day in the saddle with a smile and secured yet another four point major win.  I have been promising my wife I would get this done for her for a year and a half and it was a promise I absolutely meant to keep.  She almost fainted when I called to give her the good news.

On this weekend I was able to finish our 3rd Field Champion of the year.  Jonah is the reason we met.  I was judging a field trial in NM in October of 2006 when this little blazing ball of fur made me say "WOW!" as he left the line.  He proceeded to lay down one of the best Derby performances I'd ever seen or that I've seen since.  I was utterly enthralled watching this little dog bounce around all over the course hitting every possible objective that might hold a bird without even being handled.

I was fortunate that a few months later his owner/trainer and I fell in love and married and Jonah just became one of the "WildRose Gang".  Since that time my amazement in this little dog has not waned an ounce.  He remains one of, if not the most impressive Brittany I've ever had the pleasure to hunt, handle, or observe in the field and is absolutely something very special in the Brittany Breed.  He has so many outstanding qualities it will be a tragedy if he does not get the opportunity to be bred, and frequently to the best bitches in the breed. 

Jonah may well also be the cheapest FC in history, since he won his first ever adult stake he was entered in, and finished his FC after running in only three more!  He actually finished even faster than Duke, who blew me away by doing it in only five trials earlier this year!

Jonah was also named in the American Brittany Magazine's August 2009 issue as the Sky Line Brittany Club's "Juvenile Field Dog of the Year" for 2006, and continues to roll on. 

Jonah has continued his string of amazing performances with his latest win in New Mexico with a scorching All Age Performance in blistering heat in the high desert on 10-02-10.