What Makes The German Shorthair a Versatile Breed and what makes the WildRose German Shorthair so distinctively versatile with in it???

Those definitions are certainly as varied as hunt test organizations, breed organizations and breeders… We however define versatility according to the following criteria:

1)     The dog MUST be a good, loving, even tempered not overly excitable pet as well as showing biddability, style, natural talent and ability to point, retrieve, track, trail and retrieve various species of game.

2)     The dog MUST be a strong aggressive upland dog, with strong pointing, and backing instincts.

3)     The dog MUST be a natural retriever, willing to fetch and return with whatever game is sought and deliver it to the handler providing it can be reached and carried.

4)     The line must be proven to be versatile enough to handle upland hunting in all climates and conditions where a hunter can stand the climate and conditions

5)    The dog must adapt to multiple species in a variety of conditions, terrain, weather, and do so not just adequately but better than the “average dog”.

6)     When needed the dog MUST be able to withstand the rigors of having to dispatch or at least willing to put themselves between the hunter/handler in order to defend them aggressively from physical threats be they from an intruder/attacker or from predators such as Bobcat, Feral cats, Skunks, Badgers and Raccoons.

7)     The dog must be stable enough of nature to handle all these tasks without ever becoming dangerous or overly aggressive to other humans, dogs etc.

The average family, seems to have been left behind by many breeders of supposedly “versatile family gun dogs”, and the various breed/registry/kennel associations. 

Titles are great but they scarcely apply to what a parent and his/her children generally hope to enjoy while hunting.  You may go rabbit hunting on Saturday morning, pheasant hunting till noon, stop to shoot quail on the way to town.  Have yourselves a nice lunch then spend the afternoon quail hunting and finish up with duck hunting in the evening.  What matters most is that you get the maximum enjoyment in the field from your day’s hunt; and how much you can enjoy the companionship of the same loyal, loving dog OUT of the field! 

A quality versatile bred German Shorthair with basic handling skills and a proper introduction to hunting can fill those needs and still be a great family dog.  This is what we strive to always produce.

Below is just a mixed bag of candid photo’s of WildRose German Shorthairs doing just that.  Being great Versatile family gundogs in many, different states, regions and even countries, we’ll add to this as time goes by.  Enjoy!