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Our Home and Kennel are located Near Seymour Texas, Approximately Fifty Miles Southwest of Wichita Falls.  The dogs are our life and were it not for the fine reputation they have built for me I'd just be another working guy with a nice bird dog or two.  They give their all to me and I have dedicated my life to giving them all I can.

Over the last thirty years my family has developed what has become one of the most popular lines of German Shorthairs in the country today.  Our first shorthair "Duke" came to be a part of the family in 1969.  Duke was a wonderful German bred hunter, but we found him lacking in manners and social skills as is common with the old lines.   

My father bred a few litters out of "old Duke" to provide dogs for his friends, but WildRose German Shorthairs began in earnest, in the late eighties and early nineties when I began my Outfitting business and needed the finest and most versatile GSP's I could find to make that business work.  I found the shortest path to that end, working with a very limited budget to begin breeding the best we had to the best I could find.

In the nineteen eighties we first encountered the Dixieland's Rusty line, and found the beginnings of the perfect Versatile, Family Hunting Companion.  Since then through careful line breeding, painstaking selection amongst my own breedings, and carefully adding dogs from other lines developed what has become known as the WildRose German Shorthair.  


At WildRose GSP's we have incorporated the absolute finest of Dixieland's Rusty, Dixieland's Luke, Koonas, Brown L,  Beir's Evolution, and Ybold's lines to our kennel. We combine these old Lines with such great lines as FC/NFC NRC's Magnum's Touch Of Gold, FC/NFC MRK's Western Pride,  FC/NFC Rincon's Slick Willy, FC/NFC Big Oaks Snap E Tom and others.

Our goal has not changed either.  Whether your desire is to compete in AKC, NAVHDA, NSTRA, Walking Gun Dog trials, AKC horse back trials, and to do so with a great companion, or simply to have the perfect Family Hunting Companion WildRose German Shorthairs will serve you well.  WildRose GSP's have won, placed, and qualified in all these venues but continue every day to excel in the most important venue of all as family gun dogs. 

Each mating has a purpose, each puppy is different, what makes our dogs so versatile and popular no matter where they are, comes from our respect for our customers and our working very hard to match the right dog to every family.  

  What makes the WildRose German Shorthair Something Special??? 

For over thirty years WildRose Kennel has worked diligently  to produce fine hunting/family companion gundogs.  In the last fifteen years we have added the best and most versatile of HOF/FC Dixieland's Rusty, HOF/FC Rock'n Rollin Billy, NFC/FC Rincon Slick Willy, FC Caden's Ruger Weltmeister, HOF Quail Run's Roxy Roller, FC MRK's Western Pride, AFC Freedom's Candy, FC/AFC Big Oaks Snap E Tom, FC Dixieland's Luke, FC Koonas, NFC/FC Bier's Evolution and lines to our old world foundations; like Greif, Ybold and Orson Von Pottsiepen.  

First and most importantly Our dogs are our life! Our dogs are proven every day of every hunting season, as they are the beginning and end of our Guided Hunt business, if they don't hunt, and please our guests we would not be in business today!  Our early and consistent success in the field trial game simply proves that our dogs will succeed, and make you proud in any venue.

  Personality:  No matter how well bred a dog is you will never be able to appreciate their full potential unless they want to please you.

  Biddability;  A term you may hear often in dog circles but what does it mean?  At WildRose biddable means one thing, a dog that is willing and eager to learn, and work with you as a team.  No matter how much talent a dog has, or how loving they are if they do not respond easily to training, they will always be a problem, hence biddability is key to our breeding program. 

Drive:  All of my dogs hunt an average of seventy five to one hundred ten days per year in rough, rocky, cactus covered Texas Mesquite brush land and are always ready to make another go. Whether here at home or on the Prairies of the North and West they prove every year to "have what it takes" to put birds in the bag, as many days as I'm willing to hunt.

Natural abilityStaunch on point, discriminating noses in any climate or weather condition, insatiable desire, and a natural retrieve are the minimum basic requirements for any WildRose Shorthair. 


Versatility;  While the main focus of the breed in this country has been on pointing and retrieving upland game, as originally intended the GSP (German Shorthair) was bred to do everything from pointing upland and small game, to retrieving waterfowl, to trailing wounded game or even hunting large dangerous game such as the European Wild Boar. At the end of the day the same dog was expected to quietly lay on the floor of the hunt masters home, and  to guard his home and family while he was away.  As I continue to make my primary living as a hunting guide and outfitter and hunt exclusively German Shorthaired Pointers this most certainly has not been lost in our lines as we rely heavily on versatility through out the season.

Each year on our fall trip to the prairies of the Dakotas, Kansas, and Montana these same dogs and their offspring prove they can handle anything the prairie grouse, Huns, and pheasant have to offer as well.  Here at home they are just as happy retrieving a duck, tracking down a wild boar or wounded buck, as they are pointing a covey or single!

Our own dogs live either in the house with my family full time or spend time rotating in and out, hence these are the characteristics we strive to breed in every dog.


I believe the key to getting the most from a bird dog is exposure to wild birds and lots of it. Training is conducted here on our farm, and in the wilds of Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma where we hunt. 

Our fall training/hunting trip to the prairies of Montana, Kansas, and the Dakotas extends our hunting season by three full months and provides an opportunity for young dogs to see more wild birds in one season with me, than they are likely to in several years with their owners.   I will generally take up to 20 client dogs on this trip and I begin taking reservations for it in June. 

For more information on our training program see our new "Dog Training Page".


We generally plan litters for every spring, and fall.  We also try and have one litter or more available in late summer or early fall.  Dogs at various levels of training, even house broken, are available from time to time.  

Puppy prices range from $400.00 to $600.00 depending on the breeding, the only exception to this pricing policy is when we breed to an outside sire.  We occasionally have to add up to another $150.00 to cover our costs for stud fees and shipping.  Started dogs begin at $800.00 and finished dogs start at as little as $2,000.  

  Spring has sprung and summer is gone so our fall and winter litters are on the way!

  Click here to see our New Upcoming Litters Page!!! 

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